A+ Rating For iPhone 11 Pro Super Retina XDR displayFor those of you who are wondering just what's so special about the iPhone 11, how about the best display in the industry? Is that special enough for you?

Apple had been crowing about these new displays because it's the result of years of engineering work to create an enhanced display in a smaller space that uses less energy. And it seems they may have achieved it.

Apple touted that the iPhone 11 Pro features the best display it has ever produced, the Super Retina XDR display, that sets new records for smartphones. Now DisplayMate is out today with its highly detailed review and has given Apple’s Super Retina XDR its “highest ever A+ grade” and given it the “Best Smartphone Display Award.”

The award for the iPhone 11 Pro comes after Apple won the same with its iPhone XS. This year, the display improvements coming with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max include new brightness level records giving users up to 1,200 nits and more.

There's a great story with lots of details in the complete article from 9to5Mac.