1. Messy Home Screen? Clean It Up!

    Messy Home Screen? Clean It Up!Apps are cool. And let's face it: Apps are the reason we're all so attached to our smartphones. Without apps, we'd be left with an ordinary phone. Might as well ignore the last 10 years of smartphone innovation.

    We have apps for chatting, apps for posting pictures, apps for posting videos and apps for sharing. Lots and lots of sharing apps. Not to mention all the apps we have for games.

    At some point all these apps begin to really clutter up our phone. Folders offer one solution, but deciding what to put in a folder and which ones to make easily available to our itchy finger can be a daunting task.

    And apparently we're not alone with this problem:

    In the 10 years since the iPhone launched, I’ve never really settled on a way to arrange my home screen that I actually like. Folders seem clunky but no folders leaves me with too many things multiple swipes away. Organising by what I use most leaves me with the rarely but rapidly needed apps buried, while organising by speed of access leaves me tapping through multiple times a day.

    And then there’s aesthetics. Some apps simply don’t deserve to be on my first home screen no matter how much I use them. Mostly games. Game designers can’t make an attractive icon for the life of them, it seems.

    This was written but someone who clearly feels our pain. And, as an added bonus, they offer some solutions. You can read the entire article and some possible solutions, right here. If you have your own system which gets the results you need let us know in the Comments section below.

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  2. iOS 11 Battery Problems Be Gone!

    iOS 11 Battery Problems Be Gone!While we all love our iPhone and the latest update to iOS 11, we don't love the way our favorite apps drain the battery faster than it takes to download a new app.

    Fortunately there are some simple things we can do to make our battery last longer. Some of these are common sense, but some are inspired trickery which serve to keep us snapping, chatting and downloading much longer than we even thought possible.

    Yeah, people don't like what iOS 11 did to their battery life. In fact, a recent poll showed that 70 percent of users reported lower battery life after Apple's most recent update. Experts predicted

    that most phones would regain their normal battery life a few weeks after the release. But even if your phone pulls itself together, there's a chance it may never return to the way it was before.

    Click here to get the complete list of tips, and cross your fingers that these will help restore your iPhone to its former glory! (Or, buckle to pressure and finally get that iPhone X upgrade.)

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  3. Pre-Order iPhone X Yet? Better Hurry!

    Pre-Order iPhone X Yet? Better Hurry!Pre-orders for the iPhone X (pronounced 'iPhone TEN') have been going on for a couple weeks already, but not everyone has yet to get their pre-order in. That's because various issues have been cropping up, including intense demand for the latest (greatest?) incarnation of Apple's ubiquitous iPhone.

    Apple has opened and closed and re-opened the pre-order store in the past couple weeks, but that hasn't sufficed.

    Apple reopened the online store this morning at 3 AM (or maybe a minute later) to sell its new iPhone X, and whether or not supply chain rumors are true, it's already becoming tough to get. Within 30 minutes, orders promising to arrive on launch day (November 3rd) have dried up for buyers in the US, with most people now seeing an expected wait of 4-5 weeks. So if you're bypassing the iPhone 8for this $1,000+ upgrade, let us know -- how did the website or app work for you, and when is your phone scheduled to arrive?

    So let us know if you managed to pre-order the iPhone X or if you are still trying to pre-order the iPhone X. We'd like to hear a perspective from everyone in the Comments section below.

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  4. Apple Watch Camera Tools Make A Difference

    Apple Watch Camera Tools Make A DifferenceOne of the oft-overlooked, or at least under appreciated features of the Apple Watch is its ability to capture images. Granted, the Apple Watch itself doesn't actually have a camera, but it does have some very cool apps which allow users to control the camera on your paired iPhone or iPad. That means you can utilize the Apple Watch as a type of remote switch for your camera, also cool.


    "To go along with our guide to taking great iPhone photos, we made a roundup for Apple Watch photography apps. Two apps are camera remotes, two are editing apps, and one app is a social platform for creatives. Here are the Apple Watch photography apps that we think should be in your toolkit."

    You can get the link to the "must-have" Apple Watch camera tools here, or click the link in the block quote above to get access to some iPhone camera tools to really step up your photography game!



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  5. Which Watch For What?

    Which Watch For What?Time was if you wanted an Apple Watch (and could afford another gadget) you just went out and bought one.

    Times change.

    Today there are a few different Apple Watch designs with an assortment of features to choose from. So deciding which Apple Watch is right for you (and whether or not you can afford it) is an entirely different story.

    As of right now there are four models to choose from: Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Series 3 LTE. Of course, Apple has announced it plans to discontinue the Apple Watch Series 2 so that makes the decision making 25% simpler. But there are still things to consider (aside from price):

    First and foremost is the decision of whether you want LTE. If you’re the kind of person who’s longed to leave their phone behind on quick errands outside the apartment or when you’re going for a run or to the gym, a standalone Apple Watch could be a big draw. The device not only has GPS built in, but it can also take and receive calls and access music on the go (so long as you’re an Apple Music subscriber).

    But the extra $10 a month to ensure the device has connectivity is a hefty purchase, adding up to an additional $120 a year just for the small sliver of times you might be without your phone. The next best option is the standard, non-LTE Apple Watch Series 3, which comes with nearly every single benefit of the more expensive Series 3, save the standalone connectivity.

    You can read more about your Apple Watch options including features and price right here.

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  6. Does iOS Annoy You? There's a Fix For That!

    Does iOS Annoy You? There's a Fix For That!Every time Apple upgrades the iOS people rush to download it--only to suffer a bit of remorse when they discover unexpected changes and annoying 'features' of the latest operating system.

    Fortunately there people who make it their job to find the most annoying things and offer fixes to help users work around changes they don't much care for.

    There's an adjustment period with any new iOS. New features get added. Things get moved around. If some of iOS 11's changes have left you feeling frustrated, then perhaps the following seven fixes will have you feeling better about yourself and your updated iPhone or iPad.

    Click this link to read the entire article and see which of your least favorite new features on iOS you can simply turn off.

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  7. Goodbye Apple Watch Twitter App

    Goodbye Apple Watch Twitter AppJust when you finally figured out how to use the Twitter app on Apple Watch, the app vanishes.

    Poof! Just like that.

    If you are a faithful Twitter user you can rest easy knowing that Twitter notifications via your Apple Watch have not changed. For now it's just the Twitter App for Watch OS which is gone. But there is no word from Twitter when or even if it will return. And they are not the only app to make some adjustments.

    Twitter would not be the first major tech company to stop supporting the Apple Watch via a native app. Several major app makers, including Google, have abandoned Apple’s smartwatch platform in recent months. For example, Google pulled support for Google Maps on the Apple Watch earlier this year, and retailers including Amazon and eBay did the same.

    The challenge for these watch apps in some cases has to do with the fact that a smartwatch is not necessarily the ideal platform for traditional mobile app use – like shopping, for example. But with Google, it was likely also too difficult to compete with the better-integrated Apple Maps app that’s designed to work with Apple’s wearable.

    If you want to read more about the Twitter app for Watch OS click here to read the complete article. If this change directly affects you, let us know in the Comments.

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  8. Got iOS 11 Yet? Here's What's In Store When You Do

    Before you update to iOS 11 you better make certain your phone has enough storage capacity to handle it. Chances are, unless you opted for the largest iPhone memory option you will need to offload some of your videos, photos and maybe even some apps. Once that's out of the way, and you know you have room for it, iOS 11 offers some great new features that will increase your iPhone experience.

    You get 'Screen Recording', 'App Dock' and an all-new Control Centre - just to name a few of the cool new features.

    Got iOS 11 Yet? Here's What's In Store When You Do

    This article at International Business Times lists 11 of the best new changes which come with iOS 11. Check it out and let us know what you think of iOS 11 (if you get the update.) And if you don't opt-in for the update, let us know why you didn't.

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  9. What Are Your Teens Favorite Apps?

    What Are Your Teens Favorite Apps?

    If you have a teenager at home, you have our condolences. Seriously though, we understand that communicating with teenagers has always been tricky, and today even more so considering the advent of digital technology which requires its own language to understand.

    Fortunately, there are ways to find common ground with your teenager, by first understanding the digital media tools they use.

    We found a great article which lists the most popular digital apps among teenagers last year. True--this year it might be a whole different story, but this list at least gives you a place to start. Among the most surprising bits of information here is that Twitter is high on the list of favorite apps among teens.

    You might not expect Twitter to be among teens' favorite apps. After all, the company is having a hard time attracting new users. But a lot of teenagers we talked to really liked the platform. Here what they had to say:

    • "Twitter because I can update everyone all the time quickly and it's not annoying like Facebook." — a 17-year-old

    • Twitter because "you can voice your opinion on anything you want to and you can somewhat interact with celebrities." — a 18-year-old

    • "My favorite app is Twitter because I am the kind of person who needs to get out my thoughts, and Twitter may be like shouting into the void but at least I am heard and often validated by my peers." — a 19-year-old


    There are also a number of apps teenagers use which you probably have never heard of. Among these are, Neko Atsume and After School, to name a few.

    Read the article here and let us know if any of these apps ring a bell with you!

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  10. It's Official: The Right Apps Can Improve Your Health

    It's Official: The Right Apps Can Improve Your Health

    The debate is over. If you have the right apps, and you know how to use them (and DO use them) they can actually help you improve your life. But which apps are the right apps?

    The answer to that question depends on what you want to improve about your life. Some apps work better than others in different areas, and of course, all apps work better when you actually use them as opposed to simply downloading them and slipping them into some folder full of un-used apps.

    For example, let's say you want to improve your productivity at work. Consider installing and using ATracker.

    If mindfulness is more of your aim, consider downloading and using Headspace.

    Technology has long been accused of being the biggest productivity killer. Most people lose countless hours in a day glued to their mobile devices in a constant state of looking down, unless of course they’re taking a selfie. However, the advances in technology and growth of mobile app development has given rise to some incredible apps that can actually help people create balance in their lives by promoting positive physical and mental health, tracking and managing money to avoid financial stress, and protecting the most valuable resource: time.

    Check out this complete article and if you don't find what you're looking for her, just Google it!

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