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  1. Google Aiming For Smartphone Dominance

    Google Aiming For Smartphone DominanceGoogle has been hit-and-miss when it comes to projects outside of their core business.

    Google+ failed, true. But at the same time Google is closing one project, another project, the Pixel 3, has proven it has what it takes to truly be called a success.

    While Google's Pixel line of smartphones has been popular with Android enthusiasts since its inception, it has so far struggled to match rivals from the likes of Samsung and Apple in terms of relevance and sales.

    However, it appears the American tech giant's line of handsets has just received a major boost following the publication of a new report from Strategy Analytics.

    The market research firm recently insisted Google's Pixel brand is now the "fastest-growing major smartphone brand in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2018".

    The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are surely partly responsible for the achievement.

    Whether you are a fan of the Pixel brand or not, you might enjoy this article that details the impact this brand is having on the broader smartphone market and what that might mean for the future of the ubiquitous devices from all brands.


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  2. iPhone X (Refurbs) Now On Sale!

    iPhone X (Refurbs) Now On Sale!If you've been dying to get yourself an iPhone X but balked at the price point (You're not alone!) then you may be interested to hear that you can find the factory refurbished iPhone X for sale at greatly reduced prices in the Apple Store.

    Right now you can save more than $200 off the original price for a 64gig model -- just $769.

    Of course, supplies are limited, so it's going to be first come, first served and when they're gone, they're gone.

    As of 1 p.m. PT, 64GB models in space gray and silver were available, as were 256GB silver and space gray versions.

    Apple didn't immediately have information about when more refurbished models would be available.

    Apple's iPhone X, released in November 2017, marked the first major redesign of the iPhone in three years. Apple ditched the home button in favor of Face ID and stretched the OLED screen across nearly the entire front of the phone. The phone helped Apple become the first public trillion-dollar company, but it stopped offering the iPhone X when it introduced last year's iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

    You can read more about which models are available and what is behind the drastic price cuts, here and here.

    And if you do get yourself a new iPhone X, don't forget to keep it safe with a new case from Luvvitt!

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  3. 'Gaming Smartphones' Could Be The Next (Really) Big Thing

    'Gaming Smartphones' Could Be The Next (Really) Big ThingFresh from announcing their forthcoming 'foldable' smartphone, Samsung recently filed a patent which seems to indicate they are preparing (or at least interested in) designing a smartphone specifically designed for gamers.

    Imagine the difference between a PC designed for the average user (web surfing, streaming videos, creating and sending documents) and a 'Gaming PC' (high-powered processors, much improved graphics, etc.). That might give you some idea what these new niche-market phones might be compared to the smartphone in the average users pocket.

    Or would it?

    PC games have always been a niche market. Most people don't need a PC specifically to play games. But how many people play games on their smartphone. Most surveys put that number close to 100%.  Will this new subset of smartphone appeal to more than just a niche-market? Maybe everyone will decide that's the type of phone they need because they play games.

    Depends on the features.

    After teasing its first foldable smartphone, Samsung has been rumored to step into the gaming arena and introduce a gaming smartphone. Now, it seems like the South Korean company plans to merge the concepts and produce a foldable gaming smartphone, as hinted by a new patent.

    Click here to check out the entire article at FossBytes.com. And let us know in the Comments how interested you would be in a 'foldable gaming smartphone'.

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  4. Samsung Galaxy S10 Offers Variety

    Screen-Shot-2019-01-21-at-5.15.26-PMThere will likely be three models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 line on display next month at a standalone event in San Francisco.

    That's quite a tall order for the flagship device; capturing the attention of the tech crowd in the tech capital of the world is no easy feat. Then again, the new S10 promises a great deal to keep users, both long-time Galaxy line fans and new users switching from something else, content, if not ecstatic.

    Here's what TechCrunch has to say:

    Just like in previous years, in addition to the main S10, there will be a bigger version of the device — the S10+.

    On this photo, you can see that the bigger version has two selfie cameras instead of one.

    Tech Crunch is much less definitive as to whether or not Samsung actually will release three different variants, but the evidence seems clear and their reasoning for why the company "could" is sound to us. Only time will tell because the release is less than a month away!

    You can read the rest of that review here. Also, check out that other link for more information on next month's event in San Francisco.


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  5. What Apps Will You Download This Year?

    What Apps Will You Download This Year?Let's be honest: smartphones are fabulous tools. You can communicate, get driving directions, check the weather, listen to music; there are more things to do with your smartphone than there are in a million Swiss Army knives!

    But just about everything really cool your smartphone does is done through an app.

    Whatever it is you want to do with your smartphone there are likely dozens of apps to chose from to do it. But which apps are best? That's the tricky part.

    One of the easiest ways to sort the good from the 'bad' when it comes to apps is to check what other people are using. Apps with high downloads, or a multitude of positive reviews might be worth checking out first.

    Fortunately, there are people who collect all this data into handy forms and guides. Like this article from CNN.com: The most downloaded iOS apps of 2018.

    "In gaming, it was no surprise that the immensely popular Fortnite topped the charts. The number two spot went to Helix Jump, a game in which players navigate a falling ball through a maze. That was followed by Rise Up, a game that lets players protect a balloon from obstacles."

    Or this article from FastCompany.com: The 25 best new apps of 2018:

    "Transportation for the carless: Google Maps is great for getting directions with a single mode of travel, but what if you want to mix and match? Cowlines is designed specifically for folks who don’t have their own car, and combines public transit, ride shares, bike shares, and walking to find the fastest and cheapest routes. It’s currently available in 62 North American cities. [iOS]"

    Professional app review and smartphone experts are no doubt compiling their list for 2019 right now. But, as with all tech related things, only time will tell which apps will make the grade and which apps will vanish into the mists of time.

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  6. Despite Sagging Sales New iPhone X Model is Coming

    Despite Sagging Sales New iPhone X Model is ComingYou might say the news recently has been something less than good for Apple. At least where iPhopne sales are concerned.

    First, sales of iPhone XR not only failed to materialize at levels the company (and its investors) had grown accustomed to, but then those lackluster sales forced the company to re-evaluate the entire "release a new model phone every year" because the price point has just risen too high. Then, due to the ongoing u.S./China trade battles, Tim Cook has all but promised that Apple sales in that burgeoning market will plummet sooner rather than later.

    However, despite on this Apple is now prepping a new iPhone - tentatively titled the iPhone XI.


    Yes, Apple is working on a successor to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max (tentatively referred to as the ‘iPhone XI’) which uses a triple rear camera. Moreover, it is a camera setup unlike any other.

    Tying in with an earlier leak from Bloomberg, Hemmerstoffer’s partner site digit.in says Apple is working to incorporate long distance Time of Flight (ToF) technology. Already showcased by ToF module creator Sony, it will enable next-generation iPhones to create detailed 3D maps of anything within five metres. The repercussions for security, gaming and augmented reality applications could be game-changing.


    you can read more about the forthcoming release, including what stage of development they are at currently, in this article at Forbes.com.

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  7. Smartphones: What's Trending In 2019

    Smartphones: What's Trending In 2019Remember when it was all about the 'notch'?

    Life was simpler for smartphone buyers back then.

    Today there are so many choices, so many minute differences between models it's difficult for discerning buyers to know exactly what to look for; what's hot and what's next.

    So what are some of the changes buyers might expect from 2019 smartphone models? Plenty.

    Expect more emphasis on A.I. Meaning, Siri will likely become much more useful (theoretically) and smartphones in general will become much, much smarter. More like a really smart friend in your pocket than a device.

    Also, expect more cameras, front and back. Multiple cameras provide developers with myriad new ways of doing things, including some potential expansion of Augmented reality, 3D viewing and even Virtual Reality. All in the palm of your hand.

    Many experts expect cameras and camera tech to get the most attention in 2019:


    Now that dual camera configurations are seen across smartphones, don’t be surprised if triple, or even quad, cameras become the new standard in the coming year. Huawei, Oppo, and Samsung have already launched smartphones with multiple cameras. So, yes, expect more manufacturers to follow these brands and bring smartphones with more multiple cameras to the market. HMD Global, for instance, is rumoured to be working on one with as many as five lenses on its upcoming Nokia 9 PureView flagship device.


    You can find more details about these and other 2019 trends in the smartphone market in this article  in the meantime let us know in the Comments what specific hardware or software change you are most looking forward to.

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  8. Smartphone: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Yours?

    Smartphone: Are You Getting The Most Out Of Yours?Smartphones are ubiquitous. Despite naysayers and holdouts who swore they would "never get a smartphone" everyone today now cherishes the one they keep in their pocket. People today can't seem to live without their smartphone.

    Unfortunately, all this power comes at a price. The trick is knowing how to get the most powerful smartphone you can without breaking the bank to do it.

    Fortunately, other people have already sussed out the details for having the best smartphone experience (from buying a new one to maximizing your old one) so we can easily find what we need:

    “The most expensive phones don’t always give you the most for your money,” Fisco says. “A midtier model can provide many people with everything they need. Determine which features you want in your next phone, then compare the models that have those features side by side.”

    You can find more buying tips, plus a very cool timeline of the history/evolution of the smartphone in this article "Get Smarter About Your Smartphone" by Consumer Reports.

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  9. What's Going On With Huawei?

    What's Going On With Huawei?In case you hadn't noticed, Huawei is in the spotlight again, and this is not a good thing.

    Last summer Huawei, a Chinese technology company, became the second largest smartphone supplier in the world, pushing Apple down to number 3. Their smartphones, somewhat less flashy models than their competitors were putting out, were an instant hit in China. The company expanded exponentially outside Asia and today, Huawei phones can be found around the globe. Except in the United States where regulators and law enforcement agencies have warned consumers that Huawei phones might be security-compromised. Huawei representatives have vehemently denied this is possible but the phones are still not very popular here as a result.

    Unfortunately for Huawei, as they have battled U.S. regulators other nations have also begun to question the security risks associated with using a Huawei phone: Canada, United Kingdom and Australia have also started questioning Huawei devices and begun warning consumers  about their use.

    Check out this article from CNN Business:

    The Wall Street Journal reported in November that Washington is urging its allies to stop using Huawei telecommunications equipment because the company poses a security threat.
    Sources familiar with the discussions told the Journal that US officials are pushing countries with American military bases to ban the use of Huawei equipment from their wireless and internet networks. That includes countries like Germany, Italy and Japan.
    Huawei said in a statement at the time that it was "surprised by the behaviors of the US government detailed in the article" and that "such activity should not be encouraged."


    You can read the entire article right here. In the meantime, if you already own a Huawei smartphone or are thinking about getting one, leave us your thoughts on the matter in the Comments section below.

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  10. Time For Holiday Smartphone Photos!

    Time For Holiday Smartphone Photos!Did you know more photos are taken during December than any other time of the year? All the family dinners, opening presents, excited kids, exhausted parents; there are countless opportunities to capture a memory with your smartphone and post on instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter --whatever!

    This article by TechRadar has some great tips for getting the very best holiday shots with your smartphone possible. it has tips for all locations, such as cities:


    A city is a great place to squeeze the most out of a multi-camera phone, particularly if it has a wide-angle lens, as the Mate 20 Pro and LG V40 do. The lines of tall buildings show off the geometric distortion of one of these 'larger than life' lenses, which can make buildings appear to loom over you in photos.

    A 2x or 3x zoom lens is also perfect for avoiding the typical London shots that have been posted a thousand times on Instagram already. These lenses let you use non-typical framing, which you can turbo-charge by pointing your camera up or down rather than just looking for shots at eye level.

    Of course nobody can help you get a picture where everyone has their eyes open adn looks their best. You're on your own with that problem! Check out the entire article by TechRadar here and don't forget to Tag us in your holiday pics!

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