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  1. New LG W-Series Smartphone On The Way

    New LG W-Series Smartphone On The WayHow many cameras are too many?

    When smartphone cameras eclipsed DSLRs in quality everyone thought "Wow! How can they top that?!"

    Then they put a camera on both sides of the device and everyone thought "Wow! How can they top that?!"

    Then they put double cameras on phones and triple cameras and everyone thought "Wow! How can they top that?!"

    Well, LG believes the way to top that is to offer those same features in a much less expensive device.

    LG smartphones are powered up by A.I. and the W-series will have the same features. This is a budget smartphone; however, it will have many features of an expensive smartphone such as a wide-angle lens, triple camera, five camera modes, and more. The W-series will be available in unique colors such as sea-green, electric blue and black, which are never seen before in any smartphones.

    If you ask us, getting the very best smartphone technology without a need to break the bank, sounds like the best innovation of all!


    You can read more about the new LG W-Series smartphone right here.

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  2. Drop Tests Are Getting A Bit Excessive

    Drop Tests Are Getting A Bit ExcessiveA Chinese smartphone maker just dropped their model more than 100,000 feet to prove its durability. The phone survived the ordeal, which is great news for anyone who might, well, we have no idea. We just can't think of a reason why someone might drop their smartphone from more than 100,000 feet. Possible? Yes. Realistic? Not so much.

    Nevertheless, they did it.

    Vivo spin-off brand Iqoo had the crazy, headline-attracting idea, and the phone in question is the, um, Iqoo — a gaming phone announced in March of this year. A video of the stunt shows what happened.


    You can check out the entire article here.

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  3. Touch ID Returning To iPhone

    Touch ID Returning To iPhoneJust when iPhone users finally figured out how to work with Facial ID on their iPhone, MacRumors reports that Apple engineers are rebooting the Touch ID feature for future iPhones, marrying the two security features together, they say.

    Forbes lays out the details of the forthcoming resurgence of Touch ID and collects even more details about future iterations of the iPhone:

    In addition to this, Barclays states that Apple’s 2020 iPhones will come with 5G (2019 iPhones miss out) and a potentially game-changing new 3D sensing rear camera system which was expected in the iPhone 11 but missed the cut. Barclays adds a final cherry on top, explaining that all 2020 iPhones will have OLED displays whereas the 2019 iPhone XR2 will be stuck with the low-resolution LCD of its predecessor.

    Apple seems to be playing a bit of catch-up with other hardware designers, as well pushing forward with their plans to make iPhones even more secure. In the long run Apple seems interested in creating a government approved, totally secure iPhone which could essentially be your digital safe for digital identification.

    Check out the complete Forbes article here. And in the Comments below let us know your thoughts on increased security for iPhones and the idea that one day your phone might be your digital identification tool.

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  4. Deathmatch: iPhone XS Max vs. OnePlus 7 Pro

    Deathmatch: iPhone XS Max vs. OnePlus 7 ProOk, iPhone users tend to be very loyal fans. Then again, so do Samsung users. Now, OnePlus fans have something they can pledge their loyalty to: a smartphone that gives the reigning champ iPhone XS Max a run for its money.

    The OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone debuted last week and already it's proving more than an able competitor against the legacy smartphone makers.

    Mac Rumors did a side-by-side comparison of the two phones which you can read here. Among other things they said:

    Even though there are pros and cons to both operating systems (Editor's note: They detail all specs in-depth in the article), most people who are deep into the iOS ecosystem and who prefer iOS devices aren't going to want to venture over into Android even though Android devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro can be much more affordable.

    So there you have it. Essentially it all comes down to what you prefer, or what you can afford, which sort of makes sense. As technology becomes more advanced and cheaper the hardware is liable to even out. Then it simply becomes a brand war. Like Wendy's vs Burger King vs KFC.

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  5. 5G Holds Great Promise -- Eventually

    5G Holds Great Promise -- EventuallyWe know 5G is coming. Verizon is planning to roll it out in select cities soon and AT&T is trying to convince people it's available now (maybe, maybe not).

    What we do know is that 5G will turn our phones into blazing fast, always on mini-Internet machines. The Internet of Things will finally enter maturity and video streaming will explode even more than it already has.

    But exactly when it will all work together - the hardware in our phones, and the software in the system, and the infrastructure to support it -- is more difficult to determine. This process is made even more difficult because every company wants to have it first and seem winning to promise what might not even exist yet.

    Add to all of that we have competing versions of 5G to make it even more complicated, and the whole thing gets downright frustrating:

    If you’re among the first early adopters of 5G smartphones, we’ve got some bad news for you: That 5G icon displayed next to your network signal might be lying to you, but it’s hard to say just how dishonest it’s being at any given time.

    As with most things in life, it’s all a matter of definition....in other words, it’s not really 5G. Because of this, your phone may not be connected to a true 5G NR signal, even if it’s sporting the 5G icon. As long as your device is connected to a 4G LTE tower that at least supports 5G NSA, or is connected to 4G LTE and can detect 5G NR signals nearby (but is not necessarily using 5G NR), the 5G icon can be displayed.

    See what we mean? You can read more about these competing versions in this great article at Lifehacker.

    So before you start getting all excited about 5G and what it may or may not mean, be sure the system is fully operational, everywhere you may need it. Especially if you are paying a premium for the service.


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  6. Future of Flip Phones Is Foldable

    Future of Flip Phones Is FoldableOnce upon a time, after cell phones had transitioned from bricks to something more reasonable looking, flip-phones hit the market. They were the sports car of cell phones back in the day. They didn't do much except calls, texts, and maybe play some weird digitized ring tones, but they were cool.

    They looked more like the '21st Century' than anything else. If we couldn't have flying cars we'd accept flip-phones instead.

    But then, as all things digital do, flip-phones became totally obsolete. Smartphones these days rely on large screens, so using only half the hardware space available for a screen was hardly going to work.

    Now, Motorola appears ready to bring the flip-phone into the '22nd Century' by making it foldable. that's right: when you flip it open there's an entire smartphone screen for you to enjoy; close it, and it slips into any pocket.


    Thing is, it's coming back. All signs pointing to Motorola jumping into the foldable smartphone game feet first with a new Razr—one that will conveniently fold for tucking in pockets only to unfold to your average smartphone size once you take it out...Motorola, for its part, is pretty quiet about the new Razr, but it hasn't denied anything, either.


    You can read more about the theoretical new Razr foldable flip-phone in this article by Maxim. They have details on expected price (Not gonna be cheap--but you likely already guessed that) and hardware specifications.

    In the Comments below let us know if this new foldable flip-phone is a "yes" or a "no" for you.

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  7. Stop Killing Your Smartphone And Charge It Correctly

    Stop Killing Your Smartphone And Charge It CorrectlyIf you are one of those people who starts to panic the moment your smartphone charge drops below 90%, you might also be inclined to keep it plugged in overnight so it has a full charge in the morning.

    If so, we have some bad news: This is not the best way to extend the life of your smartphone battery. In fact, you might be having the exact opposite effect; shortening the life of your smartphone battery.

    The lithium-ion batteries in smartphones have this strange habit of preferring to be at around 50% charge, rather than full charge. And leaving them plugged into a charger AFTER they reach 100% is also not very good for them. In fact, it's bad.

    Indeed, as a lithium-ion battery ages, the chemistry within changes and becomes less efficient at storing and delivering power to your device.

    To be sure, all lithium-ion batteries age and have a limited lifespan. No matter what you do, your phone's battery capacity — which translates to its lifespan — will degrade as you use it. But you can have a say in how quickly your smartphone battery ages.

    Meanwhile, the companies behind the smartphones in your hands and pockets don't seem overly concerned about you letting your phone charge for too long.

    You can read more about lithium-ion batteries and how to care for them in this article by Business Insider.

    But, who could manage to keep just 50% charge on their phone? Not possible. Instead, focus on the charging behavior: if it doesn't need a charge, don't give it one. If you turn off background apps your phone will be just fine in the morning. And help your smartphone lits best life for as long as possible.

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  8. Want To Improve Your Golf Swing? There's An App For That!

    Want To Improve Your Golf Swing? There's An App For That!Now that Winter is finally shuffling off for most of the country folks can start getting outside. And for many people, "outside" means hitting the golf course.

    Spring is when you see golfers flock to courses, soon as they get a break in the weather, so they can polish up their game before everyone else is out and playing and local tournaments begin.

    Thanks to smartphone technology there are now apps available for Android and iOS that can help you improve your swing, your putting, even your overall score!


    There are many apps available, some focus on specific player actions, like their swing, while others offer a more panoramic view of their overall game:


    The V1 Golf App is the ideal choice for most concerned with their swing.

    All you have to do is use your phone's camera to capture and review your swings with powerful analysis and playback tools. You can send videos to your instructor and even receive voice-over video lessons.....

    The super serious golfer will want to consider Golfshot Plus. It offers augmented reality on the course where golfers can experience and view courses as a whole new way with a full 360-degree view of each hole and the ability to pinpoint each pin location on more than 500,000 holes worldwide...

    Take look at this article about some of the best Golf-skills related apps available, and don't be afraid to do a general search as new apps come along almost every day! Also, let us know in the Comments if you have a favorite app to help you improve your skills in any sport.

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  9. Samsung 'Foldable' Phones Are Breaking Already

    Samsung 'Foldable' Phones Are Breaking AlreadyIt's no secret that foldable smartphone screens are not designed to last forever. Most experts agree the phone screens have a few years of life in them depending on how much folding they do. But some Samsung Galaxy Fold early-adopters are finding out the lifespan could be much, much shorter, than a few years.

    The Samsung Galaxy Fold costs nearly $2,000. The smartphone is able to open up into a tablet.

    But some reviewers who got a preview say they found defective hinges on the device. Not only that, but they say the screens broke after removing the phone's protective film.



    That's from an article at KSFY in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, so word is clearly getting around that Samsung might have a problem on its hands. They are (so far) not planning to delay the launch of the Galaxy Fold (April 26) and the phone has already sold-out online. So, guess we'll all have to wait and see what happens when these new phones finally end up in the hands of the public.


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  10. How Good Are $100 Smartphones? Pretty Good!

    How Good Are $100 Smartphones? Pretty Good!Apple fans know that every new iteration of the ubiquitous iPhone is going to cost them (at least) several hundred dollars. The same can be said for those interested in Samsung Galaxy hardware updates.

    If users want (have to have) the latest hardware updates; slightly better cameras; slightly faster processing power, slightly more memory, then forking out a thousand dollars for the latest smartphone is their only option.

    But if you want a smartphone that does everything the higher end models do but maybe a fraction of a second slower with slightly slower streaming speeds, then there are plenty of $100 smartphone options available.

    Just $100? Yup.

    USA Today just did a review of several of the best deals on cheap smartphones. Here's some of what they found:

    We tried out the J, as well as other under $100 phones, the Nokia 2 and Alcatel Dawn, using service from Mint Mobile and Unreal Mobile. 

    What worked

    Everything. We made calls, answered them, texted, surfed the Web, took and shared photos, downloaded and uses apps.

    The fine print

    On the downside, these cheap phones are slower than what you may be used to with premium phones, the screens aren't as pretty to look at, and your pictures will be lower resolution than on top-of-the-line iPhones and Galaxy units.

    The article goes into fine detail as to what you do or don't get from these $100 models. It's safe to say, having read through the article and compared the models, there is something to be said for considering something much less expensive the next time you upgrade your smartphone.

    See yourself by reading the USA Today article for yourself, and let us know what you think in the Comments section below.

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