Security Policy

At Luvvitt LLC the security of your personal and financial information is extremely important to us. We insure confidentiality and security in our online shopping experience in the following ways:

  • Personal information, including your credit card number, is encrypted and sent only over secure Internet lines. While using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, your Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox browser will let you know when the line is secure. Internet Explorer and Firefox use a "lock" icon for their browsers. These "locks" will appear on the browser when using a secure line. On both browsers the "http:" pre-fix will read "https:" when accessing a secure server. If these indicators are present, you can be confident of a secure data transaction.
  • We do not store your complete credit card information on our internal web server. Once you place your order, we send the order to our main order processing system using a private network. If you choose to have us safely store your credit card number for future ordering convenience, we will only store partial information. If you choose not to store your credit card information with us, it will be deleted entirely from our web records once your order is completed.
  • We take your financial security seriously and are confident that we have made shopping on our website safe for all customers. We employ various firewalls and other security tactics to keep your information secure.

While there is some risk inherent in every Internet transaction, you can rest assured that we are working overtime to ensure that risk is minimal.


MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policies

Luvvitt LLC, a New York limited liability company, and home to the Luvvitt® brand (“Luvvitt”), has adopted the following Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”) for all Luvvitt products (“Covered Products”), except as designated by Luvvitt from time to time in writing or as posted on a website. Luvvitt’s goal in establishing this policy is to avoid degradation of, or damage to, the premium quality and image of its Covered Products and to the trademarks, other marks, brands or trade names under which its Covered Products are sold. Luvvitt intends to sell these Covered Products only to Distributors/Resellers that do not advertise Covered Products below the Minimum Advertised Price set forth in this policy. Luvvitt may choose to enforce this policy through action up to and including termination of a Distributor/Reseller or other authorized distributor that advertises any Covered Product below the stated Minimum Advertised Price as set forth below. This MAP Policy will be applied and enforced as follows:


  • The minimum advertised price (“MAP”) for each Covered Product shall be the price designated as the MAP on the current Luvvitt price list as issued by Luvvitt from time to time, or, if no MAP is listed for any Covered Product, the MAP will be the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”) for that Covered Product minus 10% of that MSRP. Current price lists may be obtained by contacting an Luvvitt sales representative. The MAP for one or more products may be amended from time to time and may be suspended periodically for national, regional and/or seasonal promotions sponsored by Luvvitt. Changes to the MAPs will be posted on the Luvvitt website designated by Luvvitt and will supersede the MAPs on the price lists. It is the responsibility of distributors of Luvvitt Covered Products to monitor the designated Luvvitt website for updates.
  • This MAP Policy applies to any and all forms of print and electronic media, direct mail, and audio and video communications. Examples of communications to which the MAP Policy applies are set forth in the linked MAP Policy FAQs.
  • Luvvitt considers any price advertised below the MAP a violation of its MAP Policy. For example, if a product with a MSRP of $49.95 is advertised at or below $44.95, this is a violation of the MAP Policy.
  • Advertising two or more Covered Products (i.e. two Luvvitt products that are covered by this MAP Policy) for sale together (“Luvvitt Product Bundle”) at a price less than the combined MAPs for each Covered Product is a violation of this MAP Policy. Luvvitt reserves the right to issue MAP Policy modifications that apply specifically to Luvvitt Product Bundles.
  • For example, if an Luvvitt Product Bundle includes one Covered Product with a MSRP of $49.95 and a second Covered Product with a MSRP of $17.95, any advertisement at or above $61.11 (the combined MSRP of the Covered Products, or $67.90, minus 10% of that combined MSRP) would comply with this MAP Policy. If Luvvitt issued a $10 MSRP reduction for this same Luvvitt Product Bundle, any advertisement at or above $52.11 would be in compliance; provided, however, that if the products were sold separately, the MAPs for the individual Covered Products would remain at $44.95 (MSRP of $49.95 minus 10%) and $16.15 (MSRP of $17.95 minus 10%), respectively.
  • Advertisements featuring a Covered Product, and either (a) another brand of product or (b) an Luvvitt product that is not a Covered Product will comply with this MAP Policy so long as the price in the advertisement is not lower than the Covered Product’s MAP. In determining whether the advertisement contains a price in compliance with this MAP Policy, Luvvitt will assess whether a reasonable viewer of the ad will, looking within the four corners of the advertisement, conclude that the ad is stating a price for the Covered Product below the MAP.
  • For example, if a dealer advertises a Covered Product at the MAP, and provides a free non-Luvvitt branded screen protector, the advertisement complies with this MAP Policy. If, however, the advertisement shows the Covered Product at the MSRP and the screen protector at the store’s normal retail price, and then shows a “15% off” of the package, the advertisement violates this MAP Policy. As another example, assume the dealer advertises a Covered Product and a non-Luvvitt branded stylus as “Originally $59.95, now reduced to $44.50.” If the Covered Product has a MAP of $44.95 or higher, then the advertisement violates this MAP Policy because even if the stylus is priced at zero, the net advertised price of the Covered Product is lower than the MAP. In no event may the packaged price of a Covered Product, and either a non-Luvvitt product or a non-Covered Product, be more than 10% below the MSRP of the Covered Product.
  • If the Covered Products are being offered in other currencies by the reseller/distributor, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service exchange rates apply to MAP pricing. Current rates can be found at
  • The MAP Policy only applies to advertised prices of Covered Products, and not the prices at which Covered Products are actually sold. The dealer is free to resell Covered Products at any price of its choice.
  • Luvvitt reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the MAP Policy, or modify any or all MAPs at any time. Luvvitt will provide notice of any such modifications, suspension or cancellations on the designated Luvvitt website. It is the responsibility of each member of Luvvitt’s distribution network to monitor the Luvvitt designated website for updates.
  • If a dealer advertises prices below those required by this MAP Policy, Luvvitt shall take appropriate action to enforce this MAP Policy, including but not limited to one or more of the following actions:
  • Notify the dealer of the non-compliant advertisement with a reminder of Luvvitt’s MAP Policy on Covered Products.
  • Suspend the dealer’s right to sell the Luvvitt Covered Product in question for a period of time (e.g., thirty (30), forty-five (45) or ninety (90) days) depending on the breadth and severity of the MAP Policy violation, commencing from the date of notice from Luvvitt;
  • Suspend the dealer’s right to sell the entire Luvvitt series designation in question (e.g., Ultra Armor, or Emoji series, etc.) for a period time (e.g., thirty (30), forty-five (45) or ninety (90) days) depending on the breadth and severity of the MAP Policy violation, commencing from the date of notice from Luvvitt;
  • Suspend the dealer’s right to sell the entire Luvvitt product portfolio for a period of time (e.g., thirty (30), forty-five (45) or ninety (90) days) depending on the breadth and severity of the MAP Policy violation, commencing from the date of notice from Luvvitt;
  • Suspend the dealer’s right to sell the entire Luvvitt product portfolio for a period of not less than one (1) year, commencing from the date of notice from Luvvitt; and/or
  • Terminate the Distributor/Reseller Agreement or other relevant agreement between Luvvitt and the member of the distribution network who has violated this MAP Policy.

Luvvitt will make all decisions concerning compliance with and enforcement of this MAP Policy unilaterally. This MAP Policy is a unilateral declaration of policy by Luvvitt and does not reflect or constitute an agreement between Luvvitt and any Distributor/Reseller, any other authorized distributor, or any other person or entity, and by issuing this policy Luvvitt is not seeking any such agreement.


SKUs currently not covered by MAP policy (last updated March 20, 2017) 

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus accessories

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Ultra Armor, Sleek Armor, Brilliant Armor, ClearView, Ultra Slim, Super Armor series. 

Galaxy S6 and S7: Ultra Armor, Sleek Armor, ClearView series. 

iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9: Clear Grip and Rescue series. 


Unsolicited Sumbission Policy

Luvvitt  LLC and its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas or information, including any ideas or information relating to products, product improvements, product enhancements, technologies, marketing campaigns, advertising concepts, or business plans. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas or information. If any unsolicited idea or information is submitted to Luvvitt LLC or its employees (“submission”), the submission is automatically governed by the following terms: 1) the submission and its contents will automatically become the property of Luvvitt LLC without any compensation to you; 2) the submission and/or its contents may be redistributed for any purpose and in any way; 3) there is no obligation for Luvvitt LLC to review or return the submission; 4) Luvvitt LLC has no obligation to keep the submission confidential; and 5) Luvvitt LLC is not liable for any use or disclosure of the submission.


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