Buy An iPhone 7 - Get Fired!

iphone 7, China, apple, iphone,Not everyone is a fan of Apple or their iPhone devices. It's about an even split between iPhone users and those who prefer Android phones. The two camps enjoy some gentle teasing at times, but nothing so severe as attacks on the others well-being.

That might end now. At least for employees of one company in China whose CEO issued a memo telling employees that anyone who buys an iPhone 7 will be fired. Nobody has bought an iPhone 7, and nobody has been fired as a result of buying an iPhone, but the company did indeed confirm the memo was written and distributed company-wide.

The company, Nanyang Yongkang Medicine Company, says the memo reflected their interests in preserving the well-being of its employees, instead encouraging them to spend money on their family and futures. Not to spend the nearly $800 needed to enrich Apple for each iPhone 7 sold.

And apparently other companies have started to follow suit:

A hospital in China has also taken an anti-iPhone stance, and banned workers from buying the iPhone 7. While it’s not threatening anyone’s job, it does say Apple fans with an iPhone 7 in their hand won’t get a good appraisal in the future, may miss out on pay increases, and will be advised to return the device. It was a response to a member of the hospital’s team that had spent three months wages on an iPhone 7.

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