Biggest Apple News? Software

super mario, nintendo, iphone, apple, iphone 7,Last week Apple made their usual announcement about new hardware and the world, well, yawned.

What turned out to be the biggest news at the event was the fact a new Nintendo game - Super Mario Run - is coming to iPhone 7 within the next few months. It was a much bigger deal than just about anyone thought it would be. Even bigger than the news that Pokemon Go players can use the Apple Watch to play their favorite game.

Nintendo’s legendary Shigeru Miyamoto himself emerged onstage to announce the product — a Super Mario game that’s optimized for the unique user interface capabilities and limitations of the iPhone.

This is medium-size news for Apple, as developing a signature exclusive game for iPhone is a key step in its longer-term effort to become a player in the gaming space. But it’s absolutely huge news for Nintendo, which for years has not developed games for third-party hardware.

This could be especially good news for iPhone fans, as it might possibly signal that the company is beginning to focus less on the hardware and more on the software that once made their hardware so incredibly unique. To us it seems the company is going back to the basics--the same basics that made their company something the world had never seen.

You can read more about Super Mario Run for iPhone right here.

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