Jailbreak Your iPhone And Win At Pokemon Go!

iphone, pokemon go, pokemon, jailbreak, hack,If you just can't stomach the idea of your kids beating you at Pokemon Go because they have the freedom to wander all around outdoors and collect Pokemon while you're stuck at work, then maybe you should consider jailbreaking your iPhone.

There's a new hack out there which allows a jailbroken phone to send a Pokemon Go trainer all around the map without the player actually going any where. That's right, sit at your desk and let your Pokemon Go trainer walk around and catch Pokemon.


People have been banned from the game for using hacks to fake their locations, and it’s quite possible that this cheat will get you banned. That said, it’s highly unlikely. Hacks that have gotten people banned simply teleport players from one place to the next, instantly. With this new hack, however, your character actually walks around the game and you control him or her with a joystick instead of magically being teleported from Ohio to Mexico in the blink of an eye.

The next caveat is even more important. In order to utilize this cheat, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone. We recently showed you how to jailbreak your iPhone without even having to connect to a computer, so it’s not very difficult to do. Not everyone is comfortable jailbreaking though, and if that’s the case then this hack isn’t for you.

If you absolutely "gotta catch 'em all!" you can get the complete details of the hack, including instructions for jailbreaking your iPhone right here. Just remember the dangers that go along with jailbreaking your iPhone.

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