Thieves Disguised As Apple Store Workers Help Themselves To iPhones

iphone, apple store, thefts,Thieves disguised as Apple Store workers have made off with dozens of new, unlocked iPhones from a New York City store. Although it might be a stretch to say the thieves were "disguised." In actuality the targeted store was a training location, and the thieves just dressed similarly to Apple store workers.

Apparently the store is used to seeing an abundance of strange faces, and one blue shirt looks quite like another. Still, 67 iPhones in a few months, just walked right of the store, is quite a write-off.

It’s clear that these thieves know their way around an Apple store. In all the robberies, the suspects “dressed similarly” to Apple employees, walking directly to the drawers where brand-new, unlocked iPhones were stored. And the Upper West Side location is a particularly smart target since it’s used to train employees—an unfamiliar face wearing the uniform wouldn’t stick out. In fact, that location was hit twice, according to the New York Post.

We're certainly not suggesting it is easy to steal an iPhone. In fact it seems likely Apple has already taken steps to prevent exactly this type of theft from happening again. (So don't do anything stupid!) You can read the rest of the article here.

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