What Does FBI iPhone Hack Mean To You?

apple, iphone 5c, iphone, apple hack,The FBI is no longer suing Apple for a method allowing them to bypass the security features of an iPhone 5C. They dropped the suit at the same moment they announced they had found their way into the iPhone 5C.

Yes, that's right, the FBI has devised their own way of bypassing Apple security features. At least some of their security features.

We don't suggest anyone panic at this news. After all, no security feature yet devised has been "unbreakable." It's always been a matter of time until some devious hacker figures out a way to get past the security features. Why would it surprise anyone that the federal government wouldn't be able to hire enough hackers to do exactly what Apple refused to do in the first place?

The whole reason the FBI had sought Apple's help in unlocking the iPhone is because they were not able to crack it. Officials declined to name the third party who came forward to help get into the locked iPhone.

Robert Siciliano, an online safety expert at Intel Security, told ABC News that encryption is extremely difficult but possible to crack.

"It’s certainly not what one would consider easy, that is the whole point of encryption," Siciliano said. "[But] we are dealing with computer science and science of any kind can be reverse engineered. If it can be built by putting together various technology, it can also be taken apart and its roots exposed."

You can read more about this story, including possible implications for Apple users going forward right here.

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