Do or Do Not: That Is The Question For Apple

apple, iphone, iphone hack, DOJ,As Apple executives continue to ponder the implications of creating a backdoor into private iPhones the rest of us wait to see what exactly that will mean for our personal security going forward.

The FBI says the hack will only be used this one time and for reasons of national security; Apple says any hack created will be able to hack any iPhone and therefore circumvent the company's efforts at providing a secure experience for its customers.

The FBI, and more generally the United States government, doesn't have a very good track of respecting the privacy of its citizens. It also doesn't have the best track record of keeping things secret, so it stands to reason any hack they get their hands on will be in the hands of foreign interests or other hackers in no time, and it's also highly unlikely it will only be used "just this once" regardless.

It remains to be seen exactly what will happen in this case, but you can bet everyone will be watching, ready to take full advantage of whatever decision is ultimately made.

You can read more about the issue and what's at stake here.

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