iPhone Counting Up - Apple Counting Down

iphone, apple, 5e, iphone 5e,Even as the rumor mill swirls with talk of the iPhone 7 sans audio jack, and the eventual release of iPhone 8 (possible with an OLED screen), still more rumors are swirling about a "bite-sized" iPhone 5e.

Bloggers in Asia have started aggressively pursuing this rumor which states that a 4-inch iPhone 5e is definitely coming. And soon.

Who would want a mico-iPhone? Folks who don't need big screens and deal more with wireless peripheries, maybe. Or those who wirelessly cast their iPhone screen to a larger screen, maybe.

Frankly, we have no idea. But sure seems as if it's going to happen:


The phone is said to be powered by an A8 chip, the sort of 64-bit processor used in devices like the iPhone 6 and iPad mini 4. Storage would be 16GB to start, with a 64GB option, and RAM would be 1GB. It will borrow the iPhone 5s 8mp rear-facing camera. VoLTE calling and Apple Pay are also said to be in the cards for this device.

Over at Apple Insider, which cites China's MyDrivers, the site notes that the iPhone 5e is reportedly already in production at Foxconn.

You can read more the iPhone 5e and what's being said about it, here.

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