Apple Might Be Increasing Your Data Usage Automatically

Have you updated to iOS 9 recently? And have you also noticed your data usage has drastically increased? If so, then you might (or might not) be surprised to know those two things are related.

apple, iphone, iOS, data,Part of the latest iOS 9 updated added the Wi-Fi Assist feature. On the surface this might seem like a good thing: If your phone has a bad wi-fi connection it will automatically switch to your cellular network for the very best connection. Unfortunately, this means you will incur data charges. Also, since you have no way of knowing whether the wi-fi signal is just weak, or even how weak it might be for iOS to make its decision to switch to cellular, you will be left holding the bill every month--literally.

Fortunately, savvy iPhone users have discovered how to switch this off. Apple is likely happy this information has finally been released to the public seeing as how they are facing a $5 million lawsuit from a California couple who say they feel duped by Apple as a result of the updated. Apple of course says users have always had the option of turning off Wi-Fi Assist at any time, but this is little comfort to people who received outrageous data bills from their carriers before they realized what was happening.

Here are the specifics for turning off Wi-Fi Assist and any other apps which might be draining your data without your knowledge.

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