iPhone 6s - Go Ahead And Touch It

iPhone 6S, force touch, touch, apple, smartphone, apple store, itunes store,One of the selling points of the new iPhone 6S is its "force touch" functionality. Tap the screen, or hold that tap down with a little more force, and you can activate different features.

Sounds really cool! Unfortunately, if you don't know exactly what you can do through the force touch function you won't get as much out of the iPhone 6S as someone who does.

Fortunately, we found some help for you in the form of a list of awesome iPhone 6S force touch enabled apps:

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus feature the 3D Touch display–a display that can not only sense touch, but the force of each touch. It’s a really cool piece of technology that enables a lot of the new features on the iPhone, including Live Photos and home screen shortcut actions for many of Apple’s built-in apps. But the 3D Touch display can also be taken advantage of by third-party developers who want to utilize some of its coolest features, namely:

You can click here for the complete list. And then get busy touching your iPhone 6S in a whole new way!

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