New Apple Watch For Christmas? Here's a Quick-Start Guide!

apple watch, apple, iphone,You've been waiting all year for Christmas time to arrive so you could find a shiny new wrist-wearable smartphone type device with that cute little Apple emblem on it.

But you're also filled with dread that you will be overwhelmed with tech trying to pare it to your Mac or your iPhone or just getting the thing to work.

Have no fear! We did some searching and found this handy little Apple Watch quick start guide intended to help you do all that fast and painlessly - and have you playing with your new Apple Watch all through Christmas dinner:

This is a simple guide to setting up a new Apple Watch, intended to cover all the queries that newcomers to this device may have. In other words, there is likely to be information here that you know already, particularly if you're an experienced Apple user. Hopefully the subheads will help you to skip to the bits you don't know about.

To read the complete guide and watch the handy little video tutorial, click here.

And drop us a line to let us know how you made out--or visit our web site for an awesome new case to protect your new treasure!

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