Phone-tography Is A Thing

phonetography, smartphone cameras, iphone, apple, iphone 6,In the early days of digital photography a whopping 1 mega-pixel would go a long way toward helping you capture a quality photograph - it would also set you back around a thousand dollars or more.

Today most smartphones offer much more than 1 mega-pixels, and many additional features which put quality photographs a potential for anyone with one. The iPhone 6 offers 5-8 mega-pixels, plenty of potential for quality photos, provided you know what you are doing when it comes to taking a photo.

Fortunately for you there are a number of helpful tips available for burgeoning phonetogaphers (Yes, that's a thing) that will help you to take better pictures and make full use of the potential of your iPhone.

#4: Avoid Flash

Turn the flash off. Yup, unless it is really dark, like the inside of club or outside at night and you are shooting a subject less than 7 feet away, the flash (which is really a LED light and not a flash at all) will make a crappy photo. There are three settings, off, on, and auto. By default it’s on auto out of the box, you will want to set that to off. I never ever use the flash function, I hate the way it looks. A trick to use if you must shoot in the dark, is have a friend hold up their iPhone and use it as a flash light. This way, the angle of light gives shape as opposed to your flash right next to the lens making a flat over exposed image.

To get some very good tips for maximizing your iPhone photos read the rest of Photographer David Brommer's article here.

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