How NOT To Pay For Your iPhone

iphone, apple, iphone 6,Verizon has certainly changed the way its customers pay for the latest gadgets, instituting a new policy which essentially means all customers will pay full price for new phones (no more freebies when you get a contract, because contracts no longer exist at Verizon.)

This begs the question, how will people afford the latest iPhone? We're not sure, but we certainly know a way that WON'T help you pay for it: a tile from the ancient city of Pompeii. We know this because a Dutch tourist was recently caught trying to steal such a tile, only to discover 1.) he couldn't get away with it and 2.) it wasn't worth enough to cover the cost of a new iPhone any way.

The young thief was charged with attempted theft and handed over to his angry mother, who was unaware that he was up to no good.

But had he known the tile might not have raised enough money for the iPhone - the price of the latest version starts at around €650 - he might have thought twice.

“A simple terracotta tile actually has a very low value, we don't even trade them,” Carole Elena, a dealer in Roman artefacts, told The Local.

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