Make Better iPhone Calls Even When Your Cell Network Is Bad

iphone, apple, wifi assist, ios,Apple has a new iOS update coming which ia aimed directly at consumers. only this time, instead of a new way to collect more money for their coffers, Apple actually appears to be trying to make life a little easier (better) for iPhone users.

Essentially, the new update will help give you a more secure connection even when your cell network is lousy. It will transfer calls across a Wi-Fi network, and use encryption software to improve the connection.

This means that if you're in an area where cell reception is very limited but your phone is connected to a better-performing Wi-Fi network, you'll have the option to make the call over Wi-Fi. It's a useful addition if you happen to be in a city or neighborhood where your carrier's service is particularly slow or unreliable.

iOS 9 will also bring another new feature to the iPhone called Wi-Fi Assist. This enables your iPhone to intelligently switch between using a cellular connection or Wi-Fi depending on which service is performing faster.

we'll have to wait for the update before we can test out the new feature, but it sounds promising. You can read more about Wi-Fi Assist from this Business Insider article.

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