New Device Makes iPhone Hack Fast And Simple

iphone, apple, hackers, For about $300 a new device is said to be able to hack pass your iPhone security code and access everything you have stored on it.

Despite its seemingly low cost the device is not exactly simple to use. The person trying to hack your phone has to have complete control of it and have some tech savvy to get it open, wire it up and do a few other "techy" things to make it work.

The device requires you to pop open the target iPhone and manually connect a few things. It connects to the iPhone over USB to simulate the screen presses to enter the PIN. The problem of quickly entering codes solved it adds two other clever components to enable the attack to work. Firstly it has a light sensor connected to the screen which is used to identify whether the iPhone is showing a ‘passcode wrong’ or ‘access granted’ screen. Ingenious. Unfortunately after 10 guesses or so the iPhone is going to introduce massive delays between each guess or even destroy the data. The device overcomes this problem by connecting up to the iPhone battery so that if the attempt is incorrect it can quickly disconnect the power and restart the device. This prevents the iPhone from calling the routines to log the failed attempt and introduce a delay (or erase the data) and allows the device to continually restart until every PIN combination has been exhausted.

You can read more about the device here.

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