Report: Apple to kill off the iPod?

Apple may be planning to kill off one of its most iconic device lines, according to emerging reports, as the iPod’s declining sales are probably proving to be the trigger for Apple to consign the gadget that brought it back in to the big time to the rubbish bin. Read on below the break to know more about it.






Few companies can claim to have created an era defining piece of technology, but Apple has done that time and again since the turn on the millennium. The very first of those, the one that truly brought Apple back into the consciousness of the mainstream, was its phenomenal music player, the iPod. It was a seminal device on multiple levels, with its unique mix of form and function making it a truly great and memorable gadget, and one that’s worthy of respect even after the 10 plus years that have passed since its launch.


However, as smartphones started to get truly smarter, and on-device storage got progressively higher as a standard, they managed to gazump everything that the iPod brought to the table, be it the ease of use, the storage capacity or even the prestige factor. Apple did try its level best to update the iPod to the iPod Touch, with even a Retina Display thrown in for good measure, but that wasn’t enough to arrest its decline.

Apple CEO Tim Cook so much as said that Appel “have known for some time that iPod is a declining business”. With barely any real upgrades to the product line released in the recent past, the Apple iPod is probably heading off to the sunset.




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