VLC for iOS gets updated to version 2.2

VLC for iOS has just been updated to version 2.2, and there are a whole host of changes, both visual and under the hood. The VLC Player is of course one of the most popular media content viewing apps in the world, and its iOS avatar is extremely popular as well for its sheer versatility compared to the default Apple video player. With these new changes, VLC goes even further to become a rounded out version of itself. Read on to know more about it.





For starters, VLC for iOS gets a whole new look in version 2.2, with its UI finally morphing into one that suits Apple's iOS 7 UI guidelines. There are new multitouch gestures now that make using it a lot easier than before as well (considering it completely eschewed any kind of gestures till now). Two finger taps can pause videos, instead of bringing up the playback bar with a tap, and then tapping the relatively small pause button. Swiping on the right half of a playing video adjusts the volume, while the same in the left half handles brightness.

VLC player now supports live streaming from Dropbox and HTTP as well, along with downloading from Google Drive. TV shows can also be sorted by season number or episode number now. Finally, VLC for iOS supports a number of new languages, namely  Czech, Malay, Persian, and Spanish.


You can get the free VLC for iOS media player app from the App Store here.

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