Todoist releases 'Next' update: Introduces Visual Scheduling, Shared Tasks

Todoist is an absolutely stellar task management app for the iPad (and other platforms). The folks behind the app have now released a new version of it entitled 'Todoist Next', an update that they say is a complete bottom up rewrite of the app, and one that brings in a whole new set of critical features that add to what already was an excellent task management app. Being available in more platforms than any task management app already (13 different platforms, by the Todoist team's own count), if there was still any reason holding you back from getting the app, Todoist Next probably takes care of that as well. Read on below the break to know more about the new Todoist update.





One of the key new features of Todoist Next is what it calls "Visual Scheduling". This is an aesthetically pleasing modification of the app's UI that makes it a lot easier to plan your days than before.


Another critical new feature in the Todoist Next app is the ability to create shared tasks, where you can assign tasks to a family member, colleague, friend, or others, add comments to those shared tasks, and receive notifications regarding tasks delegated to you. Todoist Next makes it easier than any other task manager to increase productivity.


You can get Todoist Next from the App Store here.

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