SwiftKey Note comes to iOS, includes integration with Evernote

SwiftKey, the hugely popular Android keyboard, has finally come to iOS, albeit in a slightly different way – as a keyboard inside a note taking app. With Apple’s insistence on not allowing 3rd party apps to replace its core apps, alternative keyboards are out of the question entirely, but SwiftKey has gone creative with SwiftKey Note. Featuring Evernote integration, it is a fairly useful app augmented by its fantastic keyboard. Read on to know more.



Android may or may not be an Apple device owner’s cup of tea, but one inarguable fact is that it gives its users options in droves. One of the primary areas where this becomes very useful is in the keyboard, where Android has some fantastic and diverse alternative 3rd party keyboard options that help a wide range of users get precisely what they want, be it gesture based typing from the likes of Swype Keyboard, to the unreal kind of predictions that the popular SwiftKey app comes up with. Apple, on the other hand, is stuck with a fairly rudimentary keyboard, one which has barely been tweaked a bit over the many years since its launch, but it frequently remains frustrating to use to actually type full sentences and punctuated paragraphs.

Mind you, SwiftKey isn’t all about predictions. Its quick formatting features are unparalleled, with swipes allowing for making a word bold, italic, indented and the like.


You can download SwiftKey Note from the App Store here.

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