Soundhound Infinity: Apple’s latest free gift in the App Store

The Apple 12 Days of Gifts have led to a host of popular apps and media content going free for 24 hours, and the latest gift from Apple is popular tune recognition app Soundhound Infinity. Despite it being available in a free avatar in the App Store (albeit with lots and lots of ads), the ad-free version costs a fairly pricey $6.99. It is the ad-free $6.99 version that Apple has made free for today. Read on to know more about it.





If you have an iDevice with an integrated microphone (along with an internet connection), there’s pretty much nothing more you need apart from that to use Soundhound. Whenever you hear a song playing near you, TV, radio, club, cinema halls or anywhere else, you can simply whip out your iPad or iPhone, tap on the Soundhound Infinity app icon, and wait for it to do its magic to tell you what the song is. In many cases, it’ll even display LiveLyrics, i.e. lyrics for the very part of the song that’s playing right now. Soundhound Infiity will go on to provide a link to even purchase that very song, and it’ll suggest some similar artists as well.


Soundhound only has one true competitor – Shazam – and the former is likely the better app anyway. Given that you get the ad-free version for nothing today in the App Store, the choice isn’t be too tough, is it?



You can get Soundhound Infnity from the App Store here.

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