Samsung describes its plans for the Galaxy S 5 smartphone – to include eye scanner and revamped UI

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 may have been its biggest success yet, breaking sales records left, right and center. However, there was a distinct issue that plenty of customers had with the S 4 – the fact that it looked extremely similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S 3. Samsung seems to have realized that fact, and in a wide ranging interview in Bloomberg from Samsung’s executive vice president Lee Young Hee, there is a lot detailed about Samsung’s future plans, including what path it plans to take with the Galaxy S 5 smartphone. Read on below the break to know more.








The most curious new feature that Samsung intends to bundle the S 5 with is an iris scanner. Yes, a real eye scanner in a phone. Clearly, it is a biometric security measure that Samsung is planning to push into its next suite of devices in order to counter Apple’s new Touch ID fingerprint scanning system. However, Hee does acknowledge the difficulty in making that a reality in their very next flagship phone, and it remains to be seen whether they actually go ahead with this.


Lee Young Hee goes on mention how Samsung will be taking a different direction with regards to the design of the smartphone, in order to differentiate it completely for the industrial slab like designs of its two predecessors.


Ms. Lee says the Galaxy S5 is targeted for a March or April release and will be accompanied by a new Galaxy Gear smart watch. The official announcement for these devices is expected to come at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.




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