Rumor: Apple iPad Pro to see a September launch?

The murmur about the iPad Pro has been getting louder and louder, with a whole host of sources claiming that Apple will be launching the iPad with a 12 point something inch sized screen this very year. Now, the occasionally reliable Digitimes claims that APple will be launching the iPad Pro in September this year. Read on below the break to know more.




According to Digitimes:


Samsung's recent launch of its 12.2-inch model is expected to propel Apple to accelerate development of large-size iPads. Market sources indicated that Apple is likely to release a 12.9-inch model by the end of the third quarter at the earliest.


The launch of the 12.2 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is now a mere formality, with even pricing details reportedly released in some European markets (there are figures of around $1000 being quoted there right now, however). Samsung isn't one to miss out on an opportunity to be the first mover in a niche of the tablet market that hasn't been tapped yet already. With what is easily the largest portfolio of tablets across all manufacturers, Samsung's scorched earth policy when it comes to launching new products has given it a huge variety of tablet sizes for its customers to pick from (or, one would argue, it's given too much of a variety to its customers, potentially confusing them). In any case, this has pushed Apple to bring its own deadlines as early as it can, and September is reportedly a date that it expects to bring it to the market.



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