Report: Apple working on 5.7 inch iOS phablet

A report in GSM Arena (via Yahoo Japan) claims that Apple is working on a phablet now, with a screen size of 5.7 inches. Expected to be announced in May, these phablets are a whole new line of phones that Apple wants to push to customers. Read on to know more about it below.




Apple has traditionally been averse to changing the form factor of its devices. It long held out with the 3.5” screen for the iPhone and the 9.7” screen for the iPad, sizes that its legendary ex-CEO Steve Jobs used to call ‘just right’ for Apple’s users. Apple was hence often accused of being filled with Luddites by fans of rival operating systems, with its constant resistance to change. That went on to get turned on its head when the iPhone got larger (to a 4 inch screen size, to be exact), and the iPad got smaller (to 7.9 inches, for the iPad Mini). Now, there have been rumors of Apple’s dabbling in additional form factors, such as the purported 12.2 inch iPad Pro. The latest off the conveyor belt of Apple rumors is that they’re trying to make a phablet, sized 5.7”, and that won’t be the iPhone 6. Instead, it’ll be a device that coexists with the latest iPhone, quite like the arrangement with iPads and iPad Minis that Apple has going on right now.


The Apple phablet is expected to run the upcoming A8 chipset, which will be an improvement over the already excellent A7 processor.


Phablets have been proved to have a definite market audience, one that goes beyond just a niche. Currently, Samsung enjoys a near monopoly there, and Apple may just be on the verge of getting a huge slice of the pie with this phablet.

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