Report: Apple to phase out iPhone 5C, & launch not one but two large iPhones this year, according to WSJ

Yesterday, we reported the rumor about Apple 'locking down' the screen size of the iPhone 6 to a rather large 4.8 inches. Today, a new Wall Street Journal report has given further credence to that rumor, by reporting that Apple plans to launch not one but two iPhones with larger displays this year. Moreover, it plans to shutter one of its newest iPhone models as well. Read on below the break to know more.





According to the new report, Apple is going to launch two new iPhones in the second half of 2014, both of which are reportedly much larger than the current iPhone 5S (and 5C). However, only one of them will be large enough to cross the 5 inch mark. This iPhone is said to only be in a 'preliminary development' stage right now, and probably has some way to go before turning into reality. The other, relatively smaller iPhone on the other hand is apparently already ready for mass production.

As for the iPhone 5C, there have been plenty of hushed rumors in media circles that the plastic and relatively cheaper iPhone has been a failure for Apple in terms of sales. It was a keenly awaited device that proved to be a massive disappointment for consumers due to it being nowhere close to being a 'budget' iPhone. Regardless, WSJ just adds on to those rumors and reports that the iPhone 5C has fallen short of Apple's own internal sales expectations and will be shuttered after the launch of the two new iPhones.




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