Report: Apple iWatch launch gets delayed

Apple has long been expected to branch out into hardware such as smartwatches and TVs for quite some time now, but there rarely seems to be any concrete proof or launch schedule for these purported new devices in development. Now, a report in the International Business Times claims that a host of issues, ranging from manufacturing issues to corporate ones, are creating significant impediments in the iWatch’s launch from going through. Read on to know more.





Apple is reportedly having major manufacturing issues in making the iWatch. The battery life has been a major concern in particular from the inception of the device, and things haven’t quite changed in that regard even now. Samsung ran out of the blocks to launch its own smartwatch to the public a few months ago, but it was criticized for its abominable battery life, and Apple is clearly keen to avoid that kind of backlash for the iWatch.

This has indirectly led to a chain of events where even the screen technology to be used is a major question mark. Apple uses high resolution LCD displays in all its devices, but OLED displays provide battery life than LCD. Then again, Apple is reportedly keen to explore more options before settling on OLED.


On the corporate side of problems that Apple is facing in making the iWatch, a key member of the iWatch development team, Bryan James, left work at Nest Labs as the VP of New Product Engineering.


With a nominal launch schedule expected to be within 2014, all these issues may just force Apple to put the iWatch into the backburner for now.


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