Where's My Mickey? is Apple's latest App of the Week

Apple has tended to bring some of the most popular and mainstream apps in the App Store to be  a part of its App of the Week scheme. The latest premium app to go free for a week thanks to Apple is Disney's Where's My Mickey game. Read on to know below the break.

Launched in 2013, Where's My Mickey is a derivative of the extremely popular Where's My Water? game series. In essence, what you need to do is help a character get access to water by bypassing a number of often convoluted obstacles.

What Where's My Mickey? does differently from its original counterpart lies in the fact that there's a lot of Mickey based art that harks back to the time when the Disney character was he most popular animated character in the world, and by some distance. There's also a number of new mechanics introduced in the game, with weather playing a major role in the gameplay for the first time. The game include five different episodes of levels for free, and two additional episode packs are worth $0.99 for anyone inclined to getting more of the same.


All in all, this is an immensely fun game that adds to the already fun experiece of Where's My Water?, while also invoking pangs of nostalgia in its users.

You can download Where's My Mickey? from the App Store from the link here for free for a limited period of time.

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