Google bringing Chrome Apps to iOS and Android

Google had announced last month that it was planning to create a framework for developers to bring their Chrome apps to mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Earlier today, Google finally got around to launching a developer preview of the toolkit they’d made for this purpose. Read on below the break to know more.




Based on an open source framework called Apache Cordova, Google’s new tool to bring Chrome apps to mobile devices will let developers code in HTML5, CSS and Javascript. It will then act as a wrapper of sorts for the code to run natively in platforms like iOS and Android.

Google explained how all this would work for devs in its Chromium blog, by saying the following:

“The toolchain wraps your Chrome App with a native application shell and enables you to distribute your app via Google Play and the Apple App Store. We provide a simple developer workflow for packaging a Chrome App natively for mobile platforms. You can run your Chrome App on a device or emulator using the command-line or an IDE. Alternatively, you can use the Chrome Apps Developer Tool to run your app on an Android device without the need to install an IDE or the mobile platform’s SDK.”


Chrome has a fairly impressive app store, with its suite going beyond just web apps, and moving on to actual sandboxed and standalone apps. However, if it could bring that range of apps to mobile, developers would be more incentivized to create more quantity and quality in the Chrome app store, while customers profit regardless.


Source: CNET

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