Box personal storage app for iOS updated, offers free lifetime 50 GB storage to new users

The personal cloud storage business is fairly competitive, but Dropbox seems to have the greatest mindshare of all the services which provide it. The standard system is this: you get around a couple of GBs for free, where you can store a certain number of files, and to get any excess amount of either, you need to pay up. Box, one of the other more famous cloud storage solutions, may be turning that on its head, as it is offering new Box users 50 GB of storage that will be free for a lifetime for downloading their new and updated iOS app. Read on below the break to know more.



The Box app has been updated to follow Apple's iOS 7 design guidelines, with a flat UI and no skeumorphism, among other things. Clearly, they have done a commendable job in that regard as the new app is rather impressive. However, the true purpose of an app like that is in its functionality and the Box app is flawless in practically every way, as is typical for it across all platforms.


Of course, this isn't the first time Box has actually done this. Box had a long running collaboration with Android OEMs Sony and HTC to give new buyers of those two companies' phones the same 50 GB lifetime storage option, and it seems to be extending the benefit to new users as well.


You can download the new Box app for iOS from the App Store here.

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