Analyst claims that the iPhone 6's design and specifications are 'locked down'

There's been a lot of talk about what Apple's next iPhone(s) will be like. Some of the rumors have verged on the outlandish, with 5.7" iPhone (iPhablet?) models being thrown about by the press. Now, an analyst has claimed that Apple has finally zeroed in on what it actually wants to do with the iPhone 6, and he claims that they have 'locked down' its screen size, among other things. Read on below the break to know more.





Android phones have made the ~5 inch screen size a de facto standard for flagship phones. Apple has been more averse than other OEMs to mess around with its own screen size, however. Even increasing its standard iPhone screen size from the 'just right' 3.5 inches to 4 inches took a long time and seemed like a big step for the company. The aforementioned analyst is Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, and he asserts that Apple has made a final choice to make the screen size of the iPhone 6 a relatively huge 4.8 inches, in order to match up to the de facto standard set by its competition in the Android and Windows Phone market. He also claims that they will move on to the next gen WiFi 802.11ac standard.



He goes on to claim that Apple will "leverage iBeacon, Touch ID and Passbook as part of a push into new services with mobile payments" in the new iPhone 6. It's hard not to see why though, with its biometric Touch ID system making it a convenient and yet safe option for mobile banking.



Source: Apple Insider

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