Adobe Lightroom for iPad coming soon; will require a $99 annual subscription

Adobe and Apple haven't always had the easiest of relationships, especially with the Flash fiasco, among other things. However, iPads are the de facto standard tablets the world over, and in the hour of need, strange things happen as Adobe has been rolling out its products to the iOS platform over the last few months. The first major one was the Adobe Photoshop, though that did leave a lot to be desired. Now, Adobe seems to be on the verge of launching its other famous photo manipulation application, Lightroom, for iPads. Read on below the break to know more.






The iPad has been a fairly potent device for quick image manipulation, with a whole host of apps dedicated to making quick photo edits getting more and more powerful by the day. Adobe probably lost an opportunity there with its underwhelming Photoshop for iOS, and Lightroom may just be a way to set things right.


9 to 5 Mac managed to get a screenshot of Lightroom for iPad briefly on Adobe's own website, before that got taken down a little while later. What the screen grab did reveal was the pricing, and little else though. With an annual subscription fee of $99, Lightroom would arguably be the most expensive photo editing app in the App Store, and for all of Adobe's image manipulation chops, expecting customers with hordes of free alternatives to cough up nearly a hundred dollars every year for an app may be a bridge too far.


Source: 9to5 Mac

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