Untethered iOS 7 jailbreak now available

Apple jailbreakers eagerly waiting for their iOS 7 devices to get jailbroken are in luck today, as the famous hacker team evad3rs have released an untethered jailbreak tool around 3 months since the launch of iOS 7. Read on below the break.






iOS 7 was Apple’s first attempt at radically overhauling iOS, and it also served the purpose of patching any imaginable exploits that could be used to jailbreak devices running it. As it turns out, that plan hasn’t exactly worked out for Apple, though it did take quite a while for the jailbreak to actually get up and running.


The evad3rs team’s latest evasi0n tool has become synonymous with the earliest jailbreaks to be out of the gates for each new version of iOS, and it’s not different this time. Compatible with iOS versions upto 7.0.4, the tool can be installed on any of Apple’s many devices compatible with iOS 7 – chiefly, the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini.

Jailbreaks allow users to install apps that were limited from being installed on their devices in some way or the other to be easily installed, among other things. An example would be something like Whatsapp, an app that is restricted by the App Store from being installed on the iPad, but perfectly possible in jailbroken iPads.


There is a catch though. Jailbroken versions of iOS are bundled with the Cydia market app to provide for an alternative to the iOS App Store. However, Cydia’s creator Jay Freeman claimed that the Cydia app with this new tool isn’t fully updated.


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