Skype for Android tablets gets an interesting new update – floating windows

It’s been a while since Microsoft took over Skype, but the acquisition seemed to have borne little fruit in terms of the actual service for its users. Until now, that is. The Android version of the Skype client has recently received an update that makes it possible for users to minimize their video calls to tiny floating windows while they use the rest of their devices. In case this sounds too good to be true, rest assured it isn’t, as this feature is getting rolled out to Android tablets worldwide through Google Play. Read on to know more.







Apart from the aforementioned Picture-in-Picture mode that lets you see your video call even when you switch to other apps, there are some more notable improvements in the Skype Android app. Contact browsing is made a lot easier for those of us with large lists. You only need to pinch your contact list to zoom out to an alphabet, then tap a letter to zoom in to narrow down on the name you want quickly. There are some video messaging compatibility fixes as well, and the Tesco Hudl Android tablet is now compatible with Skype.


Despite the fact that even the Skype client for Android phones requests the same permissions that allow it to function as a minimized floating windows in Android tablets, the feature is currently not active there (yet). As expected, this feature isn’t anywhere to be found on either phones or tablets from either Apple iOS or Microsoft’s very own Windows Phone OS, due to the restrictive nature of system wide permissions in those operating systems compared to Android.


You can get the Skype update for your Android tablet from Google Play here.

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