Review: Coast by Opera – a great new browser for the iPad

The iPad may have no dearth of browsers for it in the App Store, but how many of them are actually comfortable to use? Every single one of them have tiny buttons located on the far corner of their windows in order to do simple actions like going back to a previous page, closing a current tab and the likes. Very few have an easy way to close multiple tabs (if at all) at once. Wouldn’t it be better if a company really rethought the idea of a tablet browser from the ground up? Fortunately, that’s where the Coast by Opera browser comes in. Read on below to know more about it.





The first thing that strikes you about the Coast browser is just how Spartan its UI is. You’ll have a brooding background of a couple of buildings, and a number of swipeable windows, each with their own web apps, of sorts, for the most popular websites around. Once you click on them (or type an address manually), that behavior becomes even more obvious – you don’t feel like you’re opening and loading websites anymore. It’s more on the lines of opening an app in your iPad instead. There are some very fluid animations that go along with all this as well. Moreover, the gesture based nature of the browser takes away the need for a ‘back’ or ‘forward’ button. All you need to do is swipe left or right – that’s it! To close tabs, click on the three squares at the bottom (for a change) to get a tab manager reminiscent of the new card based multitasking manager approach seen in iOS 7 (again, making web pages synonymous with apps in one tidy little package).


Coast by Opera is one of the best browsers out there in the App Store, with a recent update this month clearing out some of its rough edges. The kind of fluid user experience it offers is a far cry from the clumsiness of Apple’s own Safari or the Google Chrome browsers.

You can download Coast by Opera from the App Store here.

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