Nokia pulls its ‘Here Maps’ app from the iOS App Store

The infamous Apple Maps fiasco had led to a large number of competitors trying to raid the App Store to get adopted by iOS users. Nokia, fresh from making arguably the best mapping solution on any platform in the form of its ‘Here’ app from its Lumia line of Windows Phones, tried its hand at usurping Apple’s own Maps app in iOS devices. Things didn’t go according to plan however, and Nokia has pulled the Here Maps app from the App Store. Read on to know more, including a statement from Nokia itself.




The trigger for Nokia to pull Here Maps is said to be iOS 7 – an ambitious overhaul of iOS by Apple. Plenty of developers have had to redesign their apps from ground up in order to match the new iOS 7 app design guidelines. Given that Here Maps was barely ever updated, Nokia clearly didn’t consider the additional burden of redesigning the app entirely important enough in the larger scheme of things. The official line is that the changes in iOS 7 harmed the user experience. Now, Nokia is diverting iOS users to the mobile version of the site instead.


While it is unfortunate that an app with the potential that Here Maps had sees an end like this, Nokia clearly didn’t consider it enough of a priority to divert its resources there. Clearly, iOS users weren’t too pleased with the app itself, and Nokia didn’t consider it to be important enough to actively develop in any case, for better or worse.



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