Cut the Rope 2 comes to iOS

We talked about Angry Birds yesterday, and about how its new game is Apple App of the Week. Angry Birds is probably the most popular game franchise on iOS in any case, but one of the franchises that may not be all that far behind is Cut the Rope. After the massive success of the original Cut the Rope, and its semi sequel of sorts, Cut the Rope Experiments (both were Apple Apps of the Week at some point or the other), its developer ZeptoLab UK Ltd. Has decided the launch a full fledged sequel to the franchise – Cut the Rope 2. Read on to know more about it.


With 120 new levels to play, Cut the Rope 2 is the most extensive and detailed game of the franchise yet, and it shows. There are now 5 new characters in the game, apart from the usual monster named Om Nom. These characters are dubbed ‘Nommies’. Om Nom himself can even be customized now. There are completely new graphics elements, gameplay, music and more in Cut the Rope 2.


There’s a slight catch to all this though – Cut the Rope 2 is fairly more difficult to finish off than its predecessors. This may put a lot of its ardent young fans off from engaging with the game more often. This, despite the presence of cartoons and the like to make it more accessible to kids.


You can get Cut the Rope 2 for your iOS device from the App Store link here.


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