Samsung smartphone with wraparound display coming next year

Samsung has already entered the market of smartphones with non conventional display when it released the Samsung Galaxy Round a couple of weeks back. Galaxy Round made of good case for how curved displays can be used to obtain a much better experience. A few of the many benefits of a curved screen include reduced glossiness and reflection, resulting in a much clearer and crisp display.



The first actually flexible display, however, will be launched by Samsung in the coming year. Samsung showed off this display way back in January, and it had many practical applications. The curved part of the display will be used to display information and notifications, without having to unlock the phone.


A recent patent application from Samsung shows quite a few use cases of this kind of a display. The curved portion can be used to lock and unlock the smartphone and display battery and signal strength indicators. The curved part of the screen can also be used to navigation in photo galleries, ebooks and documents. The bended display can be used by applications for various innovative and intuitive actions.


It is also expected that if such kinds of display gains traction, game manufacturers will create games that take full advantage of the bended display to display additional information or to collect user inputs.


There's no word on when exactly will this smartphone hit the market next year. It is quite possible we don't get our hands on one until the end of 2014, but what the patent application has shown us is promising enough to make it worth the wait.

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