Samsung to pay $290 milliion to Apple for patent infringement : US Jury

After months long battle between the two technology giants of the elctronics sector , Samsung and Apple, over the patent rights, the jury finally announced its verdict on Friday for the same. It is decided by jury that Samsung should pay a sum of $ 290 million to Apple in damages of patent infringement of Apple's original product concept. Apple accused Samsung for copying its key features from iPhone and iPad devices. Apple also claimed that its iPad mini is not inspired by the trending 7-inch tablets in the market rather, an original idea.



In August last year, Samsung was found guilty by the US jury for infringing of Apple's patents for a host of devices. It was initially decided by the Jury that Samsung should pay $1.05 million indamages of patent infringement, but on further digging into the case , judge Koh determined that the amount jury has decided is not proper corresponding to the damanges reported. Subsequently , the jury had to cut down the amount to nearly its half , a sum of $600 million approximately.


The current subject of the retrial case was the balance of the amount for the damages. A total amount of $290,456,793 as finally decided by the jury is due to be payble by Samsung to Apple. Though Apple was requsting a settlement including $380 where as Samsung was targeting a mere $52 million in damages retrial.


After a half an hour long review meeting , the legal representative teams of both the companies met again to discuss over the final settlement. Apple after arguing over a mere two million finally accepted the judgement, with no objections from Samsung.


Though soon after the verdict got announced, Samsung voiced its disappointment over the verdict and said in a statement that it will move forward with the post-trial appeals and motions. " We're disappointed by today's decision, which is in large part on a patent that the US patent and the Trademark Office has recently deemed invalid" said the Samsung's spokesperson. Apple too had said that " for Apple this case has always been about more than patents and money" continuing the statement by saying " it has been about innovation".


Samsung is now planning to appeal against the $290 million lawsuit verdict. A third trial of the case was expected in early 2014, with Apple claiming that Samsung has copied its key features for newest Samsung products.

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