PicPlayPost: Apple's free app of the week

The latest installment in Apple's series of Free app of the week is the Video and Photo editing app PicPlayPost. Its a hugely popular app, used all over the world by celebrities, bloggers and establishments such as Starbucks, UFC and ABCFamily.



PicPlayPost has been around for a long time, but only after Instagram and Vine gained popularity, did this app make its way in the top paid apps on the App store. There are tons of similar photo framing apps on the app store, but what truly sets PicPlayPost apart from those apps is its ability to incorporate videos into the creations, along with photos. This truly unique feature lets you create video collages with fancy borders and frames, perfect for creating Vines.


As of now the app does not provide the ability to import photos directly from iCloud, which is a surprising omission. Otherwise its a great app for Instagram and Vine buffs.


New Features Include (must be running iOS 7):
- Add up to 6 videos per project. Share even more content with your friends.
- Video limit increased to 10 mins. Great feature for the Youtube community.
- Add music to a static image(s). You can send awesome digital birthday or greeting cards.
- Import GIFs.
- Trim the segment of the video or song you want to import
- Improved user interface. Easily navigate through the customization tools.
- FAQ section. Many issues you encounter can easily be resolved by reviewing the FAQ.
- Share your project on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Email and MMS

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