Phil Schiller in Samsung retrial: making a smaller iPad 'wasn't about the competition'

When Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller was called to testify in front of a courtroom jury this morning, he didn't hold back. He stated that Samsung's countinuous patent infringments has weakened "the view that the world has for Apple."



He said that Samsung has diluted Apple's brand by copying their best selling and most popular products, such as the iPhone and iPad. Schiller argued that because of Samsung's copying, Apple has been having a hard time selling its own products as they fail to stand out from the plethora of copied products that Samsung has been manufacturing and selling.


According to Schiller, when he first saw Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphones, he felt it looked exactly like the iPhone, "so much so that people might confuse it." The testimony in question is a part of the patent infringement retrial going on  between Apple and Samsung. The first trial had ruled that Samsung had infringed on patents that belonged to Apple, and was ordered to pay a hefty $1.05 in damages to Apple.


Later on, it was discovered that the jury had made an error in calculating the damages amount, which amounted to about $450 million. The rest of the money has to be paid to Apple, no matter which way the jury decides in this particular trial.


When Samsung's lawyer tried to make a point by saying that Apple's iPad mini was inspired from competition as much as Samsung's devices were, Schiller shot back that the decision to go through with iPad mini was not about the competition.

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