Google releases new software updates for Google Glass

Google has started to expand the Glass Explorer Program and simultaneously, its issuing new updates for the Glass Software at a regular pace. Though the X11( current month) software update isn't a major release, but it has added two new features- a new setup tutorial and a more user-friendly way to initiate a screencast from the Glass for its Android users.



However, the one feature that has been removed, is the long press on the touchpad of the Glass that takes it user directly to Google Search, without actually using the " ok glass, google..." command. Though discovered accidently, the Google Glass team says that, "it turns out that a lot of people long pressing the touchpad to activate a Google search were doing so by mistake." Therefore, to avoid that, the team decided to eliminate the feature with their X11 software update.


As for the X11 update's new features, its includes easier directions from home to work and vice versa. All that Glass users need to do is, simply use "ok glass, get directions to home/work" command. Glass will instantly get the directions for you from Google Maps or Google Now, where you can type in this data. In case if you are a Google now user, it uses an advance algorithm which tries to guess this data based on where you spend your time during the day.


The other new feature added is easier access to your calender data. The Glass alows its user to quickly browse through its calender details, by excuting commands like " ok glass, google my agenda" or " ok glass, what am I doing next week." Though setting up Glass is easy, Google has tuned up its tutorial in the latest version. The tutorial displays all the commonly used Glass features, including how to- use the touchpad to swipe through card and connect to the phone. The users can also screencast their Glass experience using the MyGlass app's new feature "Start Screencast" button below the MyGlass notification in the Android notification tray.

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