Daddy Was A Thief for iOS and Android : Review

Daddy was a thief is a Rebel Twins' game, which can best be described by the phrase "endless faller". In this game you get to play as a dad who has to escape after robbing a bank. There is some backstory provided in the splash screen of the game, which tells us that the guy has been fired from his job, so to provide for his family, he decides to start robbing banks.



Each time the game starts, dad is seen escaping from a bank by jumping onto the roof of the adjacent building to escape the authorities. The character is always running from left to right, changing direction whenever he encounters the wall or furniture. The controls are simple; you can either swipe up to jump or swipe down to smash through the floor and go to the floor below.


Since the character is always running, you have to time your jumps efficiently. The goal is to smash as many objects possible and cause destruction, and ultimately, collect more coins. The game is aesthetically beautiful, with different color on each floor. The arrangement of furniture too is random on each floor, so that the game does not feel repetitive.


You might encounter some angry grannies, shrink rays, and random missiles on your way which make your escape much more challenging. There are also policemen on some floors that can kill you with one hit. The coins you collect can be used to purchase power ups and other one time use items that make your job easier.


The game is available on both Android and iOS stores for $1.99.

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