Android 4.4 unveiled, coming soon to Nexus 10

Google has officially unveiled the latest version of Android 4.4 called KitKat. The latest version features a plethora of new features and improvements over the previous version. All Android versions after 4.0 update have mostly been about under the hood improvements, and Android KitKat follows the tradition. Most of the improvements in this version are about improved memory management, security enhancements and optimizations in battery life.



Apart from that, KitKat also sports a new phone app, and integration between SMS and Hangouts apps. KitKat's all new immersive mode takes the center stage in this update. It allows any app to run in a full screen mode, so that users only see what the want to see. The full screen mode will completely hide the system bar even when the user is interacting with the app. Users can bring it back by the slide gesture on the top or bottom edges of the screen.


Another remarkable achievement is that KitKat will be able to run even on older devices which are low on RAM. In fact, KitKat will be able to run smoothly on even 512 MB of RAM, so phones that couldn't run JellyBean will be able to run the latest version of Android.


Although Google has released the latest version, it will take a while before major OEMs start releasing update for their respective devices. As always, the first devices to receive the update will be Google's own Nexus devices and Play edition devices. These devices should receive the update within the next few weeks.

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