Wireless charging : Samsung's new age mantra?

Nokia turned fiction into reality, with the introduction of wireless charging feature in its Lumia 920 in the late 2012. The cutting edge feature became an instant hit among the masses and even its arch rivals like Google and Samsung were ready to adopt it. If sources are to be believed, Samsung is all set to introduce the wireless charging for its smartphones from mid 2014.



Wireless charging is gaining popularity among people because of its hassle free setup. All that needs to be done is to drop the phone on the charging pad and let the magic begin! However this method of charging has its own awkwardness. The device might be needed to be taken off the pad for making calls, exchanging messages, checking mails or even a quick daily tweet, which temporarily terminates the charging process. However, Samsung is a step ahead in keeping its wireless charging uninterrupted and seamlessly smooth using magnetic resonance wireless charging.


What magnetic resonance wireless charging actually is? Comparatively it is a better and more logical way of charging by eliminating the physical contact between the device and charger so that its getting charged while on the go. The user can check mails and make calls while simultaneously charging the smartphone when it is in the range of the magnetic resonance wireless charger.


According to sources Samsung has teamed up with PowerbyProxi, a New Zealand based company, over a $4 million deal to work upon this particular wireless technology. It is reportedly expected that the first of this wireless technology supported devices will be launched in the second half of 2014. If Samsung is able to pull it off well then this revolutionary technology will make things a lot easier and convenient for its users and will pave way for other sci-fi concepts into becoming everyday reality.

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