Vine Update Lets Users Edit Videos, Save Multiple Drafts

The hugely popular video sharing app Vine has just been updated bringing a couple of new features. The Twitter owned service added the ability to edit videos and save multiple drafts to its Android and iOS app. Calles Sessions and Time Travel, these new features will let the users to save multiple drafts and go back and edit their videos before they share them.


The Time Travel feature adds much need flexibility to the Vine creation process. Earlier users had to record the video in one go and had no option to go back and edit it after it had been recorded. With Time Travel, the app gives you the ability to go back and edit or replace any shot within a video at any point of time. Users can also reorganize the shots in a post. Time Travel can be accessed by tapping the green bar when video is being recorded, or by tapping the edit button when a post is being previewed.


Another new feature is the sessions feature, which lets users to save and work on multiple drafts of posts. According to Vine's official blog post: "Save any post and come back to it later –– work on up to ten posts at once. Simply tap the new icon in the bottom right corner of your camera to save a new session or open an existing one."


Vine is competing with Instagram, which also has added support for videos some time back.

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