Samsung's curved screens are more than just publicity stunts

Samsung's latest new reveal has generated quite an amount of buzz in the gadget world with its unique curved screen. Aptly named, the Samsung Galaxy Round might not be available outside Samsung's homeground South Korea right now, but tech enthusiasts all over the world have been taking keen interest in the device. Some are saying that the curved screen adds no real value to the functionality of the phone, but is a mere gimmick.



DisplayMate has recently released its analysis of the curved screen and has decided that it indeed is a very useful tweak. The 5.7 inch display on the Galaxy Round is infact quite good at avoiding reflections and reducing glossiness. Even though the curvature is pretty small, the effects are hard to ignore.


Users of the Galaxy Round feel an enhanced sense of screen privacy, thanks to the curved display which makes it harder for other people to read what's on the screen. The curved surface also works well to reduce reflections by reflecting the ambient light away from the eyes of the viewer. This also greatly reduces the interference of light reflections making the screen much easier to read and reduces eye strain.


Since Samsung has used a flexible plastic substrate to manufacture Galaxy Round's display, which enabled it to get rid of the glossy glass coating found on such displays. This has significantly reduced glossiness, making the display clear and crisp and quite striking visually.


LG has announced its own curved screen smartphone: LG G Flex, which is the direct competitor to Samsung's Galaxy Round. Whether these new era displays will be lapped up by consumers or not remains to be seen.

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