Samsung Smart Media Player getting released on October 23

Samsung has recently announced  its Smart Media Player in competition to Apple TV, Roku, Chromcast and more. With Smart TV already out there, the Smart Media player is obviously the next logical step. The Smart media player runs on Samsung’s Smart TV interface, where users can access  applications like NetFix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go, apart from all their regular online streaming needs. Coming out in the market on October 23, Smart media player would cost around $150.


The Smart TV software brings together everything on the same interface. The user can surf internet, stream live TV and movies and of course run apps. Though the Smart TV interface is not as seamless as it should be, the browser is slow and does not support applications like Flash. The interface lacks style of Apple TV and the simplicity of Google’s
Chromecast. Also the pricing is a bit on a higher side and a matter of concern among buyers. If compared to  similar products available, Apple TV costing $100, a basic Roku Costs $50 and Chromecast available for just $35, Smart Media Player’s $150 price tag may not look as appealing to it buyers.

The real game changer in Samsung’s set-top-box is the cable card slot, which can be used to replace the device that we get for rent from the cable company. However, the catch is that not many cable TV providers provide this service.

All in all , growing competition  is never a bad a thing. Depending upon their needs and usage, consumers can compare the option available, and go for the one that suits their wallets and their requirements.

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