Google Glass production picks up speed

Google's highly anticipated gadget Goole Glass has seen a recent surge in production, ahead of its consumer launch in 2014. According to a report by the Financial Times, Google Glass has received a "substantial boost" in marketing which will enable Google to release the product smoothly in the next couple of months. Consumers however will not be able to get their hands on the product till next year.



Google might also be planning to send out more devices under its Explorer program. People who already own Glass will be able to send out invites to their friends enabling them to purchase the device. Google might be planning to diversify its Explorer program to get the device thoroughly test before it decides to make a mainstream launch.


The Financial Times report was confirmed by Google with the announcement that the Explorer program is indeed being expanded. Every Glass owner will be able to invite 3 more people to join the program, who will then be able to purchase the device. The asking price of Google Glass is still a whopping $1500 and is unlikely to change anytime soon.


Google has also announced that it has made hardware changes to Glass' design, which will enable it to support various lens shades and prescription frames. People who have the old version of the device have been given an opportunity to swap their device for the new one, which also includes earbuds. Explorer can also take advantage of this opportunity to get a different colored Glass.


Further details about this scheme will be released by Google in the coming days.

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